By Kaleid Theatre (other events)

3 Dates Through Apr 29, 2017

We see hate all around. Hatred of seasons, colors, bodies, foods, accents, siblings, religions – everything in between and beyond. We watch as our neighbors eject lyrics, partnerships, strangers, dance moves, and children from their lives, communities, and country. We carry it too – in our veins and breath and fears and dismay. We find ourselves the recipients of hate one moment and then enacting it on others in our turn.

Sometimes, hate even wins elections.

Scape-ing is an exploration of hate in space and in the body. Told through dance, plot-lines, poetry, and news articles, Scape-ing is a theatrical investigation of violent human emotions, a personal reflection on the first months of a new administration, and a ritual of compassion.

Together, we ask, “what does it mean to love in a world that does not want to love you back?”

Scape-ing is being produced in partnership with The Drama Group.

Support for Scape-ing provided in part by The Philadelphia Cultural Fund and by the Charlotte Cushman Foundation.

Special thanks to Norris Square Neighborhood Project for their support of this project.

Kaleid Theatre is a project of CultureTrust Greater Philadelphia.

Photo credit: Saul Zayas